Zimbabwe Communist Party (ZCP) Press Statement – 08 August 2017

logoOn the 3rd of May 2017, two days after the International Workers Day, we announced the launch of the Zimbabwe Communist Party, following our underground founding conference outside Bulawayo. The Zimbabwe Communist Party is a Marxist – Leninist political party whose vision is to build a socialist Zimbabwe.

Ours is a struggle against our old enemies: dictatorship, capitalism, imperialism and the black bourgeois which continues to loot our resources. The development of capitalism in our country from 1890, through cheap labour, created the mainly black proletariat as the white and later black bourgeois could not survive without the proletariat. The struggle against colonialism and imperialism, was not only the struggle for national liberation but a class struggle to build a society free of exploitation.

Upon attaining independence in 1980, the new political leadership became the economic managers of those who owned the means of production. Nothing was done to transform the commanding heights of the economy for the benefit of society as a whole. While we recognise the social programmes done in the first decade of our independence, that is the building of health and education infrastructure, the economy remained in the hands of the very few even though our political leadership shouted socialist slogans.

As we approach the 2018 elections, we are of the view that, the upcoming elections will not resolve the economic, social and political challenges we face as a country. The immediate challenge faced by the working class and the peasants in Zimbabwe, is lack of political freedom and failure to access money from the banks. It can not be correct that, the people spend long hours in the bank queuing for money which they cannot have access to. The people need economic empowerment, democracy, free and quality education, access to housing, access to clean water particularly in Harare where residents have gone for years without decent drinking water from their taps.

While we partly support progressive forces who call for the implementation of the 2013 constitution, we further call for a National Dialogue of anti- capitalist to resolve the economic and political crisis as this will not be resolved through a contested election in 2018. Our call for the National Dialogue is on the realisation that the working class and the peasants are divided along the ruling party and the opposition. Our vanguard role is to unite, advance, defend and deepen the struggle of the working class and the peasants. The National Dialogue we are calling as Communists, seeks to instil progressive politics among ourselves as the citizens and residents. A progressive citizen will not support dictatorship nor collaborate with imperialist forces in seeking regime change but rather, a progressive citizen will mobilise society in advancing, defending and deepening the struggle for the working class and peasants. A progressive citizen will reject parasitic tendencies. The looting of our diamonds in Marange, the looting of our money in the Reserve Bank, the looting in state entities is unpatriotic. A progressive citizen must be driven by great love for the people.

As the Zimbabwe Communist Party, we will engage progressive civil society, churches, political parties, trade unions, students, women’s organisations, rural organisations, residents associations, and every progressive Zimbabweans to support the call for this National Dialogue. The National Dialogue must adopt a clear economic programme as we seek to build our economy. As the 2018 elections approach, the ZCP  and progressive allies will come up with  a clear position on the duty of a progressive citizenry in that national contest. Viva communism


General Secretary:                     Ngqabutho Nicholas Mabhena [+2783 30 1000 (Whatsapp); ngqabuthomabhena@gmail.com ]

Deputy Political Commissar:      Lenin Chisaira [+263 775678928; lenin.t.chisaira@gmail.com; Twitter: @LeninChisaira]


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