Zimbabwe Communist Party – May Day message.

International-workers-day1st May 2017

We join the rest of the world in celebrating this historic day in our annual calendar. This is the day we must unite as the workers of the world and smash capitalism.

As we celebrate this day in Zimbabwe, we call on the workers in Zimbabwe both formally employed and those in the informal sector to unite. In the last few years, we have witnessed division and splits within the workers federations.

We now have a fedaration aligned to the ruling party, which will hold its annual celebrations in Chinhoyi while another federation aligned to the opposition will be holding its main celebration in Harare. As the vanguard of the working class, we call for an independent labour federation, which will focus on the struggles of the workers in the work place ,including in the informal sector.

Workers of Zimbabwe should refuse to support bourgeois political parties and the reactionary former liberation movement. As the Zimbabwe Communist Party, we will engage all federations as part of our efforts in helping to build one revolutionary labour federation.

We call on the Zimbabwean workers in the Diaspora to join progressive labour unions in their respective countries. A migrant worker has a right to join a union and be protected from exploitation by greedy employers. Zimbabweans in the Diaspora should not isolate themselves from other workers in their host countries. We salute the Zimbabwean Diaspora workers who continue to support their families back home. As a party ,we will engage the Zimbabwean Diaspora and coordinate on the creation of the Zimbabwe Diaspora Migrant Workers Forum, whose main aim, will be to encourage Zimbabwean Diaspora Migrants to join progressive local unions.

Let us celebrate this day by uniting the Zimbabwean workers!

Issued by the Secretariat;

Contacts – 077742 7690

WhatsApp – +27 83 340 1000


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