Chamber of Mines AGM Mute on Business and Human Rights

A view from inside the Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe’s AGM by the Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association’s Mukasiri Sibanda

Mukasiri Sibanda's Blog

By Mukasiri Sibanda

The Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe held its 77th Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Elephant Hills Resort, Victoria Falls from 19 to 21 May 2016 under the theme “Revive, Accelerate & Sustain Growth.” A positive chord in the face of the plunge in mineral prices. Indeed, this optimism was confirmed by impressive projected growth in the gold, platinum and base metal sectors. For instance, gold production was expected to leap to 50 tonnes in 2020 translating to $1.8 billion annually from improved efficiencies and expansion of current operations. Without discounting the value of learning the current status and future prospects of the mining industry from the AGM, it would be remiss not to share my perspective from the view point of civil society.

After all, mining by nature involves the extraction of public resources that are finite and the benefits must be shared among generations. Critically…

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