Zimbabwean Teachers Panic as economy melts : RTUZ

Statement by Rural Teachers Union Of Zimbabwe (RTUZ) (@RuralTeacherZim)

The Rural Teachers Union in Zimbabwe, (RTUZ) National leadership has for the past weeks been inundated by desperate calls from the membership who are fear stricken by the possibility of the country sliding back to the era of the 2008 economic meltdown. A meltdown that robbed the Teachers of their salaries and pushed our education sectors into unimaginable doldrums.

RTUZ President Obert Masaraure (with microphone) during an AfricaFightNow.org! discussion earlier in the year

Our members and other Teachers still vividly recall how they toiled the whole month only to be mocked by a less than one rand salary from 2007 to 2008.Teachers were easily identified as they were synonymous with shirts of tattered neck collars and shoes worn out to extent of barring one from using public toilets. The nightmarish historical epoch is one Teachers are desperately wishing away. To survive Teachers in Urban areas turned to vending the rural Teacher could not vend as rural economy had turned to ancient model of barter trade. The worker who solely relied on selling labour in return for a salary was naturally relegated out of trade. The result was an embarrassing relegation of worker to the darkest basement of economy. Our education suffered worse than the Teacher and Zimbabwe suffered the worst.

The education suffered sector as both pupil and Teacher faced one economic ill or the other. Universities and colleges closed. The societal consensus that education is key to success was disregarded and rubbished. The educated became an epitome of all that can go wrong in life. Now the mere imagination of Zimbabwe sliding back to that era rattles the nerves of every rightly wired Zimbabwean. Our case has clearly become a case of a tail waging the dog. The tail can can no longer protect the dog from flies and other vagaries of the environment. The tail which is government is sacrificing the whole dog, the citizens and has slid into a mode of self aggrandisement characterised with wanton looting of resources while the dog starves. The dog must surely wake up and realise the power it wields and start waging the tail.

RTUZ applauds the Church for coming out condemning the government for failing to run the affairs of the country, Zimbabwe Activists Alliance for initiating the now popular occupy Africa Unity square agenda and opposition parties for initiating coalition talks. The bold leadership will surely see the dog waging the tail. The Teacher is not going to fold hands in this new trajectory. As a Union we have chosen a new flight path, a path of boldly mobilising both Teachers and other citizens to push the incumbent government out of office because it has failed.Demanding services from the incumbent regime is now akin to shamboking a dead horse and expect it to rise and win a race. We do not owe any apology to neither this government nor its surrogates occupying the labour space.

It is no longer business as usual, we are stepping up to save our country. Zimbabweans lets Unite and prosecute a revolution and get Zimbabwe back on growth trajectory.

Obert Masaraure

National President Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe

+263 776129 336


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