#ZimbabweAt36: Nation’s youth suffering from lost independence

By Gift Ostallos Siziba (@giftsiziba93)

Zimbabwe celebrates its 36 years of independence on 18 April but that is no longer relevant as the people , especially  youth continue to suffer.

Independence in Zimbabwe is already lost and that symbolic lowering of the Union Jack in 1980 was futile. A whole 36 years after a bloody war of liberation in Zimbabwe, youth are still at the peripheries. Our history has been manipulated and sent to the graveyard by the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Cooperation’s (ZBC) well pronounced erroneous dons attending tedious programs every day. Our state media has nothing whatsoever to educate the people instead it focuses on trivial issues .That seems to be what ZBC bosses are forcing their workers who also wish to escape retrenchment without a package.

gift siziba
Gift Ostallos Siziba (centre), with some EFF youth in South Africa

Zimbabwe’s 2013  constitution which was rightfully opposed by activists like Professor Lovemore Madhuku and a few resolute students who  condemned it as not being people-driven, despite its endorsement by the Government of National Unity that comprised of ZANU-PF and MDC, has now caused a serious national catastrophe .The working class has been taken back to slavery by a black government.

Zimbabwe is very African

Zimbabwe is no different from the Central African Republic where the war has torn apart its citizens into poverty and wretchedness. South Sudan young as it is infested with tribal war between the Lou Nuer and the Murle; Eritrea is unsettled, Egypt is not at ease, Libya is in rebellion. Zimbabwe is in a war with itself. As Professor Penina Mlama in Dar es Salaam once said, the African youths have lost hope in any political processes that take place in their countries.

We are now like the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) where a whole war claimed dozens of innocent civilians is being swept away by white monopoly capital media because they benefit from the spoils of the looted resources.

On the political front, ZANU-PF 2015 congress in-fighting between the so-called Gamatox and the Weevils factions led to the ouster of Vice-President Joice Mujuru and her supporters, indicating highest levels of our own versions of elite cannibalism.

Unemployed Graduates

University and college graduates are met by perennial and constant humiliation after attempting to look for work or study permits to in South African and European embassies.  There is virtually no hiring at all in -country. Now run like a tuck-shop, Zimbabwe deserved to be plugged with the notice ’Renovations in Progress’. As youths, we have witnessed potential re-colonization of our country by East, with their dire labour and human rights records being thrown at us.

However, Zimbabwe’s youth and students are the co-authors of their misfortune; they have rendered themselves useless by voting into power political pretenders and dwarfs. The right to vote has demonstrated to us that an election on its own is not an end but a means to unbridled looting and mismanagement of funds, suppression of political rights and so on. Vendors are chased away from the streets and thousands of workers continue to face the axe following the 2015 Supreme Court anti-labour judgement.

Hit by the contradictions of capitalism, the East is now in dire demand of human and natural resources at a very cheap price .This explains the reversal of labour rights in Zimbabwe and other anti-poor government policies.


I won’t say much about the hopelessness of opposition politics in Zimbabwe. In fact, as the youth, we find ourselves in serious battles for identity as those people we believed to the torch bearers of democracy and the barometers of class consciousness have proven to be autocrats and turncoats themselves. The new calibre of opposition leaders has been reduced to mere orators of the revolution and punctual attendants of press conferences while the ordinary citizens are in misery and torment.

All this thinking makes me realise that #ZimbabweAt36 is a lost cause, especially for youth.

[Gift Ostallos Siziba is an activist and former Vice-President of the University of Zimbabwe Students Union. Re-edited and posted by AfricaFightNow.org!]



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